Napi idézet

2011.03.29. 22:22

- Let's say you love Meg Ryan.
- I do.
- Great. Who doesn't?
- Yeah.
- Let's say you like her so much you wanna know every movie where she shows her tits. And not just that, but how long into that movie she shows her tits. You come to our web page exclusively. Type in "Meg Ryan." Bam! In the Cut, 38 minutes in, 48 minutes in, like an hour and 10 minutes...She's, like, naked that whole fucking movie. She does full frontal in that movie. They should've called her Hairy, not Sally. Really.   

Napi gyerek

2009.06.12. 21:40

Na ha egyszer véletlenül akarnék egy gyereket, akkor ezt kérem:)

"And you have to dig":))))