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2011.01.20. 14:39

Persze ez teljesen csak belebeszélés, de valahogy ilyenek miatt sokkal jobb a Pohoda, mint a Sziget. Ilyet bírnak kirakni a honlapjukra:

During the conference included in the programme of the Eurosonic festival at Groningen, the Netherlands, we took part in Health & Safety seminar which is traditionally held by YES – the Yourope (the European Festival Association) safety event group. We also attended several panel discussions. In the one which concerned the Central and East European festivals Michal actively participated. Apart from him Ivan representing the Serbian Exit festival and Fruzsina from the Hungarian Sziget discussed the topic. It was also touched upon the issue of incredibly high rent price fixed by the Budapest City Hall. We keep our fingers crossed for our friends from the Sziget festival and we believe that Sziget will continue!

Elképzeled, ahogy ez fordítva történik? Muhahaha.

Ja meg kösz a Junip-ot, de ez már más tészta. 

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2010.07.24. 09:53

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